Always Go to the Funeral

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Unless we make a concerted effort to focus on what really matters, our hectic lives can lead us to sacrifice the priority on the altar of the urgent.

Death is Inconvenient

Little about death is convenient. And funerals are no exception. Set up to accommodate family, clergy and venue availability, ceremonies are often held in the morning or afternoon, on a weekday. Even evening and weekend events can create difficulties for mourners who have unconventional schedules. As a result, it can be all too easy to skip the funeral, with plans to offer some “grand gesture” later. But people usually forget such plans. So, take it from us: you should always go to the funeral.

Go to the Funeral

  • If you know about the funeral, you should attend.

If you didn’t know the deceased, you probably won’t hear about the service. So, if you get wind of the event, take it as a sign that the family would value your presence. Despite their grief, they somehow managed to get the message to you about the service. You, in turn, should do your best to show up.

  • In the grand scheme of things, most excuses are weak.

While you may have a legitimate explanation for your absence, in most cases, nothing trumps death. And the window to express your condolences is relatively narrow. So, do your best to shift things to make the effort.

  • Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Most of us struggle to find the right words when someone dies. We also feel we should do something or say something more – although we don’t know what would suffice. Eliminate stress by telling the deceased’s loved ones you are sorry for their loss. Doing so is a simple yet elegant solution.

  • Funeral attendance helps with grief.

Even if you did not consider the deceased a close friend, your acquaintance with him or her must have been significant enough to earn you an invitation to the memorial. Memorial services offer closure. You may even find yourself tearing up when portions of the ceremony remind you of other loved ones lost.

  • Your attendance will mean more to the family than they may ever express.

Even if they are unable to explain why your presence matters, family and friends will appreciate the time and effort you sacrificed to attend their loved ones’ memorial. To them, after all, this event is second to none. So, they won’t easily forget the fact you made attendance a priority.

“In going to funerals, I’ve come to believe that while I wait to make a grand heroic gesture, I should just stick to the small inconveniences that let me share in life’s inevitable, occasional calamity.”

~Deidre Sullivan, Blogger

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