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What will you do with your loved ones’ cremains?

When you decide that your loved one’s ashes will be embalmed and buried, the end of the funeral and graveside service provides a sense of closure that cremation doesn’t always afford. Cremated remains, also known as ashes or cremains, can be stored in an urn or other “casket alternative” indefinitely. Since ashes are not legally required to be buried or disposed of at sea – oddly –they could start to gather dust while you figure out what to do.

Deciding How to Handle your Loved Ones’ Ashes

While you decide how to handle your loved one’s cremains, they may sit in an urn atop your mantle or on a bookcase, or even in the trunk of your car. If the location warm, dry and safe, you can take your time deciding how to proceed. Here are a few choices to consider:

There are lots of ideas for creative ash disposal or display.

What to do with ashes

Ash Scattering Stories

  • Rolling Stone Keith Richard snorted some of his father’s ashes.
  • One woman in the United Kingdom slept beside her mother’s ashes for years.
  • A distinguished pathologist plans to have his ashes be scattered over Tony Blair.
  • Denise Moon took the ashes of her late partner to court to prove that she was not evading taxes.
  • The recently deceased actress, Carrie Fischer, opted to have her ashes put into an urn fashioned into a Prozac capsule.

Ash Disposal Ceremonies

illegally dumping ashesWhatever way you choose to release the ashes, make a ceremony of it. Choose a place where you can have a joyful ceremony – somewhere the practice is allowed, so you won’t have to duck behind bushes to hide the operation. If you opt to scatter your loved one’s ashes on a mountaintop, be aware that the inherent phosphate could upset ecology. And your loved one likely wouldn’t want to have become a biohazard. So, recommend you check with authorities before sprinkling your loved one’s remains somewhere that may land you in hot water. The best thing to do is to check with an experienced funeral director, such as Manny Godoy or Rocky Bautista at Foothill Funeral & Creation Services, who can point you in the right direction.

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