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The movie, Hatchi, was based on the true story of a faithful friend.

An Akita in Japan named Hachiko returned to the train station every day for nine years in the early 20th Century, awaiting the return of his deceased owner. Memorialized by everything from movies to monuments, this faithful companion demonstrates the unique bond that exists between humans and our pets. At Foothill Funeral & Cremation, we understand and appreciate the special significance of this relationship, which is why we include four-legged family members in our service offerings. With everything from cremation to memorial services to keepsakes, as animal lovers ourselves, we apply the same respect and concern with pets as we do with everyone in our care.

Pet Services at Foothill Funeral & Cremation

Foothill Funeral & Cremation is the only funeral home in Southern California to include pet loss in our mortuary service offerings. 

Private Cremation

A private cremation means your pet is placed in the cremation chamber, alone. Upon completion of the cremation, your pet’s cremated remains are removed from the chamber, and returned to you, in the urn of your choice. (Prices vary. Click here to access the pet services’ price list.)

Witness Cremation

Many times, family members want to be involved in the cremation of their pet. This is like a private cremation, but your family is present during the cremation in a viewing room.

Memorial Services

Some pet owners choose to spend extra time with their pet by holding a memorial service. Any pet that has held a special place in his master’s heart deserves nothing less than an honorable farewell.

Personalized Urns & Keepsakes

We customize unique pet urns can to suit our client’s tastes. We pet cremation jewelry and other meaningful keepsakes. In fact, Foothill Funeral & Cremation has a signature line of keepsakes, which are available for pets as well as humans.

Pet Hospice & Home Euthanasia

Home Hospice is available by referral from your regular veterinarian. This includes regular home visits by a veterinarian and experienced support staff. Home hospice eliminates the stress of traveling to and from the vet’s office for end-of-life medical treatments.

We love our pets.

Sometimes, our companion animals are fortunate enough to pass peacefully without significant pain or stress. Unfortunately, however, at other times, the process can be long and difficult. If this is the case, euthanasia may be the kindest solution, since it allows your pet to pass in familiar surroundings, providing the least stressful final arrangements possible, for both of you.

Animals provide companionship, acceptance, emotional support, and unconditional love. If you understand and accept this bond between humans and animals, you’ve already taken the first step toward coping with pet loss: knowing that it is okay to grieve when your pet dies.

Finding ways to cope with your loss can bring you closer to the day when memories bring smiles instead of tears. For more about this, see details about grief on our website or contact the ASPCA Pet Loss hotline at (877) GRIEF-10.

Lola the Bereavement Pug


Our bereavement pug, Lola is a grief therapy dog in training, who is available to families on a request-basis. She is currently training for therapy dog certification. Although many people are surprised to see a dog in a funeral home, they soon realize it’s the perfect environment for man’s best friend. After all, research shows that petting a dog releases “feel good” hormones such as serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin. Spending time with Lola helps provide emotional and physical comfort to those who are suffering a loss. We expect Lola’s training to take about a year, so we are working closely with her in the meantime.

Centrally located at 402 West Baseline in Glendora, Foothill Funeral & Cremation proudly serves the San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Basin, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Our years of experience in the mortuary industry has given us a reputation for quality, sincerity and trust. We want to help you at your time of need or in the future. Call today (626) 335-0615 or drop by our showroom.

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