Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Posted on April 14, 2017 by Manny Godoy under Burial, Cremation, Funerals, Memorials, Pre-Planning
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Talking about death won’t bring it about.

Map Your Legacy

A superstitious person might avoid talking about their own death, for fear the mere mention of the word will hasten their demise. Of course, this fear is ill-conceived. In fact, pre-planning your funeral is a great way to celebrate your life. What’s more, pre-planning is a thoughtful gesture for your loved ones, who will be free from the stress of guessing about your preferences even as they grieve.

Pre-Planning Peace of Mind

Pre-planning your funeral will give you peace of mind.

Simply taking the time to consider and record your end-of-life wishes, pre-planning also relieves your own anxieties about the future. Since there are virtually unlimited options from traditional embalming and burial to cremation or scattering ashes at sea, you should have a say in how your remains are handled and the way your life is remembered. Once you take the time to map out your plans, you can take comfort in the fact that your plans are in the capable hands of reliable friends or family.

Pre-planning will give your family peace of mind.

Benefits to Pre-Planning:

  • Informs your family about your wishes.
  • Can guard your family against inflation, if you opt to pre-pay expenses using an affordable pre-payment plan*
*Pre-funding and/or paying by installment plans are not required. Our plans offer a variety of payment options to fit most everyone. If you choose to pre—pay, you can choose the payment option that’s right for you.

How to Pre-Plan

The pre—planning process is easy, so anyone can do it:

  • Foothill Funeral & Cremation does not require a health questionnaire or physical exam.
  • There is no waiting for return documents.

    Pre-planning through Foothill Funeral & Cremation won’t bury you in paperwork – literally or figuratively.

  • The plan is completed, and filed in our office.
  • *If you choose to pre-fund your final arrangements, your money is put into a state-approved trust account or top-rated insurance company until needed.
  • After your pre-plan has been paid for in full, your price is locked in.
  • When you pre-plan with Foothill Funeral & Cremation Service, your plan will go with you where you go. No matter where you reside when you pass, no matter what funeral home you choose to work with, we will transfer your plan to any funeral home in the United States.
  • To start the pre-planning process, request a personal appointment with a Foothill Funeral & Cremation Service pre-planning advisor. Call (626) 335-0615 or complete this online form.
  • Should you change your mind, you will be able to alter the plans. Pre-plan your final wishes.

Celebrate Life

Your funeral should celebrate your life.

Make much of your life by pre-planning your remembrance. Foothill Funeral & Cremation is one of very few funeral homes that are certified by the Green Burial Council. Located at 402 West Baseline in Glendora, Foothill Funeral & Cremation proudly serves the San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Basin, Orange County and the Inland Empire. With years of experience in the mortuary industry, we have worked hard to build a reputation of quality, sincerity and trust. Honor us by hiring us to help you at your time of need or in the future. Call today (626) 335-0615 or drop by our showroom.

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