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Foothill Funeral Products & ServicesThis is Your Service; This is Your Life; This is Your Story!

People often ask us how we got into the funeral business. To be honest, it’s the only business we would ever want to do, because we care about people and consider ourselves blessed to be able to help them through difficult times. We work closely with our clients to design an affordable plan that honors their unique preferences and wishes. We work hard to provide funeral products and services to meet every client’s personal needs and desires. The following is an overview of our products and services. For prices and further descriptions, click here.

Our Services

  • Direct Cremation

This includes the basic services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to our facility, refrigeration of the remains, and cremation. (visitation and funeral ceremonies are not included).Foothill Funeral & Cremation Products

  • Funeral & Burial

    (Packages available for one or two days)

This includes the basic services of a professional funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to our facility, preparation of the remains, the use of equipment/staff for the funeral service at a church or other facility, as well as at the graveside, and hearse transportation to the service. Two-day packages include embalming as well as the use of equipment/staff for the visitation/viewing at a church or other facility (four hours the day prior to burial), the use of equipment/staff for the funeral service at a church or other facility and graveside services.

  • Immediate Burial

This charge includes the basic service of the funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to our facility, bathing or handling of deceased, refrigeration and transportation to a local cemetery. This option is great for someone who is not interested in services or ceremonies.Foothill Services & Products

  • Unique Celebrations of Life & Memorial Services

Let us help you Celebrate a Life. We can customize an “event” that would is both meaningful and memorable. We can arrange for venues, catering, video tributes, custom printing, officiants, keepsakes and more. Each service is as unique as each life it honors.

  • Full Body Burial at Sea

Foothill Funeral & Cremation ServicesThis practice conserves natural resources and substantially reduces costs. Imagine eliminating cemetery cost entirely while providing a meaningful and eco-friendly burial. There are many options available to make this as personal and unique to suit your needs.

Our Products

  • Affordable Selection of Urns and Caskets, including Eco-friendly options

We are proud to offer an amazing selection of quality, affordable caskets, urns and keepsakes, including packages from Green Burials to Eco-friendly caskets, urns and options which do not require embalming for funeral services. Reduce your carbon footprint…be part of the Eco-syste.

World Wide Shipping

  • We offer complete shipping services for transporting your loved one from one state to another or even to another country, if your loved one will ultimately end up in Southern California. We work with foreign consulates and embassies as well as evert major airlines.

Custom Packages

Since there is nothing more personal than saying goodbye to your loved one, we make it a priority to work hard to accommodate all special requests and honor the wishes of our clients. Whether you would like a visitation and then cremation or would prefer a traditional service at your church followed by cremation or even if you prefer a ceremony at the crematory, we can design a service customized to meet your needs and desires. For example, we even offer a rental casket for ceremonies.

Centrally located at 402 West Baseline in Glendora, Foothill Funeral & Cremation proudly serves the San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Basin, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Our experience in the industry has taught us to build a reputation of quality, sincerity and trust. We would be honored to help you at your time of need or in the future. Call today (626) 335-0615 or drop by our showroom.

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