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Glendora CasketsYou will face several important decisions after a loved one dies. One of the first is whether you will have their body cremated or buried in a casket. For detailed information about cremation, read last week’s blog post, Cremation Consideration. The more traditional choice is burial, in a casket. How do you narrow the choices when grief leaves you less prepared to cope than in less stressful times?

We recommend you make the decision long before circumstances force your hand. To help, we provide a planning checklist, which is available on our website. Also, this post should help you understand available choices.

Casket – another word for coffin. This is typically the largest funeral-related expense you may make. The word “coffin” originated around the 16th century. It is generally used outside of the United States. But the terms can be used interchangeably. The term “casket” refers to a four-sided rectangular box usually featuring a split-lid for viewing.
Glendora Caskets

As for costs, the good news is that caskets are much more affordable now than in previous years. Today, caskets run $695 to $5,595. Foothill Funeral & Cremation (FFC) offers all-inclusive packages. These can feature funeral services, embalming, and a casket, and individual line items. We work with families to help them feel comfortable with products and services customized to suit their tastes, needs and budget. It may surprise you to learn that a casket is not legally required in any of the 50 states. However, a “suitable rigid, combustible container” must be used for cremation.

Casket Options
Eco-friendly casketsThe two main types of caskets sold for traditional funeral purposes are metal and wood. A third, relatively new category is the “green casket.” These are made from other natural products.

  • Casket Rental

    This unique choice offers a one-time use. It is good for families who want a traditional funeral but don’t need of the casket because they plan to bury the body at sea or have it cremated.

  • Value-Line Caskets

    No one wants to make a choice based solely on budget. But the reality is that death is a natural part of life, which must be considered and handled, along with every other milestone. To help families on a budget, we offer several types and styles of caskets for the value-minded buyer, including cloth-covered cardboard or veneer, in a variety of finishes and interiors and featuring crepe interiors.

  • Mid-Line Caskets

    caskets for funerals

    funeral party

    These include caskets made of fine woods such as poplar and pine. They are available in numerous finishes and a variety of styles, featuring either crepe or velvet interiors.

  • Top of the Line Caskets

    Oak, Maple, Cherry and 18 or 20-gauge steel come in dozens of colors and styles, most of which feature velvet interiors.

  • For more details, check out our price list.

high-end caskets GlendoraCentrally located at 402 West Baseline in Glendora, Foothill Funeral & Cremation proudly serves the San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Basin, Orange County and the Inland Empire. With years of experience in the mortuary industry, we have worked hard to build a reputation of quality, sincerity and trust. We would be honored to help you at your time of need or in the future. Call today (626) 335-0615 or drop by our showroom.

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