10 Top Funniest Movie Scenes about Death

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Funny FuneralWe aren’t your run-of-the mill funeral home. While we excel at providing traditional services such as embalming, cremation, memorials and burials, we also embrace trends like bio-cremation and living funerals. Over 30 years of experience in the funeral industry has made us comfortable around death. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that while meeting with families to help prepare for memorials and burials, we don’t just shed tears. Quite often in the mortuary, together with families, we laugh while recalling joyous moments in their loved one’s lives. These 10 movie clips about funny funerals remind you that it’s okay to laugh at death:

  1. Weekend at Bernie’s – While this movie could accurately be described as irreverent, it has a few highlights. So, we include it despite that it’s highly inaccurate from a scientific standpoint. Still, it offers a few laughs and a pretty funny funeral scene. Funeral Funnt

  2. Grownups – Whether you’re a fan of Rob Schneider or not, you will likely laugh during the funeral of the main characters’ middle school coach. But warning, Schneider’s rendition of Ava Maria could impact your likelihood of choosing it as music for a memorial.
    Cremation Funny Funeral

  3. Grownups – This isn’t a mistake. We include two clips from this movie because both do a great job of reminding us that it’s okay to laugh even as you grieve. In this scene, friends gather to sprinkle their coach’s ashes. Chaos ensues.

  4. The Big Chill – In this 80’s classic, a group of friends gathers to mourn the death of their long-time friend. This scene isn’t funny. But we like it because it demonstrates the importance of celebrating even as you grieve.Dancing Funny Funeral

  5. Vacation – Beverly D’Angelo gives an irreverent rain-soaked eulogy after her grandmother dies while the family is traveling to Wally World during their summer vacation.

  6. Fun Funerals & WeddingsFour Weddings & A Funeral – Showcased in a funny movie is a heart-wrenching funeral scene. So, before you watch, know that while the rest of Four Weddings & a Funeral is hilarious, but this scene could make you cry. And that’s okay, too.

  7. Due Date – This cross-country travel-buddy movie makes light of everything, including the ash sprinkling at the Grand Canyon. (This is not an endorsement of using a landmark for disposing ashes.)
    Cremation Ashes Funny Funeral

    Have you seen Due Date? Enough said.

  8. The Big Lebowski – John Goodman attempts to sprinkle their bowling friend, (Donny)’s ashes over the Pacific Ocean but ends up coating his friend, played by Jeff Bridges. (Warning – this clip contains colorful language.)

    Funny Funeral Eulogy

  9. Man on the Moon – Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the late comedian, Andy Kaufman, leading a singalong at his own memorial service is simultaneously light-hearted and poignant.

  10. Zoolander – You might scratch your head at this entry. But the main character’s gasoline fight with his daft male model friends earns a place on our top 10 not only out of absurdity but also because of Ben Stiller’s pronunciation of the word Eulogy.

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